Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

Getting to spend the holidays with family is the best thing ever! I haven’t seen this pretty face in forever and I was so blessed to get to see her and her family. My eldest sister Mica. πŸ’•

If you are alive and have fallen out with your family, I encourage you to reconnect. Our time is too short to be living without our loved ones. Forgive and let go. Because at the end, you don’t want the last thing you’re holding onto is regret, bitterness or resentment. Love is easy. Hate consumes you.

Happy (late) Thanksgiving everyone. Please be safe out there for Black Friday. Don’t kill each other for more stuff that you know you really don’t need. Be Thankful for what you already have.



It’s Fall🍁 time for another change. Life is too short to stay in the same place you are now. Keep moving! Keep growing! Adventures Out There! Forgive and let go. Love with all you have. Learn through the heartbreak and release the pain.

My life never stops surprising me. Ups and downs. But that’s life. Live it! Feel the pain and feel the love. You’ll never know what you can learn if you never let go.

Change is upon us. Embrace the new season and know that there’s something new, waiting for you to learn.

Heed my words…Β 

You can be a beacon of love to a world in need, but heed my words when I say: Safeguard your heart from, “falling in love”. The world needs less, “I’m in love with you” and just more … I love you. No hidden agendas. No secret motives. No scheming your way into getting what you want, all while completely breaking the one person who was brave enough to love you unconditionally. When you can truly love someone from an honest place in your heart and do good by them, not wanting anything in return but the same love and respect … Then maybe we would all know a little more peace.

Battlefield of the Mind

This book is blowing my mind! I’m loving every second of this read! I highly, highly recommend this book. Every one of us struggles and it’s because of our thought patterns. I promise you, you will not be disappointed! If you’re ready to break free and go to new heights, you need this book in your life!

Just keep swimming

It’s been quite a few years since I started this journey of blogging, and though I have not been consistent with my blogs, I’m still not sure how effective it is?

If you’re just joining me, you’ll discover that I have a passion for a place called Lesotho, South Africa. I’ve been on a journey to learn the medical side, so that I may take with me helpful skills and knowledge to make a difference in a place that desperately needs it. However, life throws us unexpected curveballs and we have to find a way through. I work as a medical assistant and also as a wellness advocate for doTERRA. Ultimately I’m building towards being able to work doTERRA full-time, that way it frees up all of the time I use focusing on a 9 to 5 job. 

Ask yourself, “what would you do if you were Your Own Boss”? How would you spend your time if you could help make the world a better place? If all of your needs were being met, bills paid, savings full, children cared for, and even having the house of your dreams. If you had the opportunity to discover your true talents and gifts and to give back to those around you, what would that picture look like?

I’m working on building my doTERRA business so that I can focus on more important things in this short life. Like helping others around me.

What would life look like for your, if you had Financial Freedom?