It’s been quite a few years since I started this journey of blogging, and though I have not been consistent with my blogs, I’m still not sure how effective it is?

If you’re just joining me, you’ll discover that I have a passion for a place called Lesotho, South Africa. I’ve been on a journey to learn the medical side, so that I may take with me helpful skills and knowledge to make a difference in a place that desperately needs it. However, life throws us unexpected curveballs and we have to find a way through. I work as a medical assistant and also as a wellness advocate for doTERRA. Ultimately I’m building towards being able to work doTERRA full-time, that way it frees up all of the time I use focusing on a 9 to 5 job. 

Ask yourself, “what would you do if you were Your Own Boss”? How would you spend your time if you could help make the world a better place? If all of your needs were being met, bills paid, savings full, children cared for, and even having the house of your dreams. If you had the opportunity to discover your true talents and gifts and to give back to those around you, what would that picture look like?

I’m working on building my doTERRA business so that I can focus on more important things in this short life. Like helping others around me.

What would life look like for your, if you had Financial Freedom?