25yrs old, running full speed ahead! Worked as a caregiver for the elderly for the past 2 years and now on my way to becoming a pediatric nurse, working in London and Lesotho. I found Lesotho in the Fall of 2008 and from that moment on, I knew that Lesotho was were I was meant to be. I stand out in the crowd and I don’t try to pretend that I’m not different. I sing a little too loud (and a little too off key) and I laugh even louder. I find joy in the small things of life and I care more than you could possibly understand. I don’t paint or draw, even though I took four years of art in high school and some how managed to graduate with honors in art. I’ve never taken a dance lesson a day in my life but I LOVE to swing dance! I’m not a writer, though I’m giving this blog thing a shot, and I’ll never be able to compose a symphony. (Dad tried to teach me how to read music once and that was an epic fail!) … But here’s what I can do … I can make you laugh until your insides hurt and your eyes are leaking. I can  help you remember and see the simple things in life that we forget all too soon as adults. I can lend you an ear to listen, a hand to hold and two arms to hug. I will except you with all of your faults and imperfections because I myself am far from perfect. I’m honest from beginning to end, and what you see is what you get. I will walk with you always, and pray for you when the lesson has to be learned solo. I will encourage you and uplift you all the days of your life, for I long to see you smile.

I’m here to share my heart with those who care to listen.


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